May 4, 2015

Human Heart Nature Mineral Makeup

The moment I learned to embrace Human Nature products such as the soap, shampoo, etc., I knew that I would also have to give up my old makeup brands. It took me some time to finally give them up because of the cost and because I’ve been used to my old makeup brand for as long as I can remember, from my teenage years! But upon meditating on the harsh effects of the chemicals in them that I expose my skin to every day or every time I put on color to my face, and upon thinking about the positive effects of the natural ingredients of Human Nature, I finally made my first purchase from the mineral makeup category.

The first product to be bought was the Human Nature Tinted Lip Balm in Flame Tree. I liked the idea of having something that I can use while on errands or for simple weekend moments. Something that has a light after-feel but has life-giving color to my lips. This tinted lip balm answered those needs with just a few swipes. Here's how it looks:
Its color looks the same as the color of the cap and it matches my morena skintone well. Another plus is that it leaves a minty feeling on my lips that makes me feel refreshed and energized. With it leaving me satisfied, I decided to try the next product in the mineral makeup line.
Human Nature Mineral ColorCreme Lip Palette. It comes in a classy shiny black container which I like much. It's about 2.5" long x 2.5" wide x 0.5" thick. It's very handy and ideal to be carried around in the pouch. However I prefer to leave it at my office desk since I only use makeup when I am at the office.
Inside are three separate pans for the three different shades (from left to right) namely Pink Smoothie, Lucky in Love and Coral Charm.

For those who have morena skin like me, the best shade if one wants to look lively and dolled-up is the Lucky In Love because it has dark deep red shade, something of more intensity than the Tinted Lip Balm Flame Tree. For days when I feel like being sweet, I use the Pink Smoothie. For days when I feel like being simple, I use the Coral Charm. While for those days when I feel experimental, I combine two shades and the result is equally perfect!
The color stays true until wiped off. It has that lasting shine, too. Plus I am confident that I am not exposing my lips to harmful chemicals but to all-natural goodness. See I am almost halfway through all the three shades!
I just hope that Human Nature can come up with other shades combined in one packaging like this.
My next purchase included the Human Nature Perfect Finish Mineral Loose Powder in Warm Mocha.  Its packaging is okay and it comes with a powder puff which shouldn't have been there in the first place. I'll tell you why. The first time I used this product I applied it using the powder puff and to my husband's disgust: it oxidized on my face that he told me my skin looked old and "greenish".

Maybe it was because of the amount of powder that landed on my face. This product should be applied using a powder brush! The next time I used it, I utilized my own powder brush. I hope this product will come with its own (free) brush! Just hoping. Anyway, upon my next use I find it a little too dark for me so I think I should have bought the lighter shade (Soft Ivory) for my skin color.
I'm afraid to put this to waste or recommend to other girls since most girls I know have lighter complexion than I have. What I did was  add some baby powder to it to lighten the shade. (Sorry but this defeats the talcum-free advocacy of this product). Anyway, it's just for now. Once all has been used up, I'm gonna buy the Soft Ivory shade.
Reviews revealed that sometimes this product becomes so messy, that's why I just opened half of the holes like this and I have better control of the product that comes out every time. It gives me that silky feel and additional power to my foundation.
Next thing on my list is the Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation Honey. I bought this when I had to attend a semi-formal gathering in the office. It comes in a "purplish" rectangular packaging that houses the foundation in one pan and the sponge in the other half portion.

The product applies on my skin easily and fortunately the Honey shade matches my skin and somehow brightens it. It doesn't have that heavy feel which I used to experience with my previous makeup brands. It doesn't make my face oily even after the whole day on. I only need a little for ordinary days that after three months it's as if I bought it only last week:
I'd definitely buy this again. :)
And here's my most recent purchase: the Human Nature Perfect Glow Mineral Blush Sun-Kissed.
I was totally excited to have this addition to my Kikay Kit. The moment my old blush on with another brand went out, I purchased this one. I chose the Sun-Kissed variant since I felt that it will match my morena skin better than the others.
Its packaging from the outside looks very much like the Mineral ColorCreme Lip Palette except that it has purplish color while that of the lip palette is black.
True to my expectations, its color is great and it blends well. I feel that it has some shimmer in it that's why my cheeks look like sun-kissed. :)
Anyway it's really morena skin-friendly that even if I put a little too much it still looks natural. Unlike other brands that look dramatic when overdone a little bit.
The color stays true all day and I also love the brush that comes with it.
I totally love this product from Human Nature.
Now I'm looking forward to trying the Mineral Pressed Powder and Colorcreme Lipsticks. I also wish that they will come up with more colored products like eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascara.
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